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Premium quality sanding products

The various sanding phases of a new hardwood installation or renovation have a considerable influence on the final result of your project. With our LOBASAND product range, we offer professionals a wide range of top-quality sanding products and pads, to make sure all your projects are of the best quality. The high performance materials and carrier technologies guarantee effective performance with all common machines and provide you with the best results, every time.


Sanding Belts

  • Aluminium oxide sanding belts for fine sanding 

    • Ideally with a fine and medium finish


  • Zirconium sanding belts for high sanding performance 

    • Ideally with a coarse and medium finish


  • Ceramic sanding belts for long service life

    • For conventional belt sanders

Sanding Discs

  • Velcro sanding discs for conventional disc sanding machines.

    • Pad holder diameters of 150 mm, 178 mm or 200 mm

    • Velcro reverse for disc changes in seconds

    • Available in ceramic, zirconia, and aluminium oxide 

    • Various grits for all sanding needs

  • Adhesive Discs for the retrofitting of sanding discs on circular sanding machines.



  • PerforatedPad: Offers improved sanding performance and shortens time required for sanding.

    • Reduces dust from the sanding process entering the atmosphere

    • Exceptionally long service life owing to continuous dust extraction

  • DustPad: For use under PerforatedPad.

    • Dust passes through the permeable material
      of the DustPad and is collected in the dust accumulator. 

    • Sanding discs will not clog up, thus guaranteeing an absolutely optimal sanding performance.

  • SpecialPad: Pads for single-disc machines for various areas of application.

    • White (non-abrasive): for polishing

    • Beige (mildly abrasive): for evening out oils & colors 

    • Green (moderately abrasive): for thorough cleaning

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